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Get Organized in 2018 With Self Stroage Unit

Get Organized in 2018 With Self Stroage Unit

2018 is here and with it a fresh start to declutter and organise for the year ahead. When we work or live in a messy and cluttered environment, we lose focus, feel overwhelmed, and productivity slows. An organised environment lets us concentrate on the work at hand. The question remains - what should you do with all of that extra stuff?


Getting organised in 2018 is as simple as renting a self-storage unit. So, let’s get organised!


Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Like with most things in life, the hardest part is starting. Take a look around your home or office. What stands out as messy, cluttered or creates an eyesore? Perhaps you have old files and equipment at the office taking up valuable space? Look around your home, what furniture and decor are you not using? Placing these items in storage will clear up your space and declutter your life.


If decluttering and organising is a large project to tackle, start by setting attainable goals. Keep it simple, like finishing a room each week. As you create your "storage" piles, remain organised. Labeling boxes and items headed to storage will help you find them at a later date.


Benefits of Self-Storage

Self-storage units grant us the extra space to store items we aren’t using and may need at a later date. This frees up square footage for the things we need. There are many other benefits to renting a self-storage unit, to include:


Create morespace - Let’s face it, we all wish we had a little morespace. Take a look around, what items are taking up space in your home or office? Seasonal items, files, old fitness equipment and furniture, all take up space. If you aren’t using these items on a daily basis, a self-storage unit allows you to safely and securely store your items until you need them again.


Out with the old in with the new - Just because you aren’t using a couch or dining room table right now, doesn’t mean you won’t need it down the road. Storage units allow you to store items until a later date when you need them. You can rotate items in and out of storage, refreshing your interior design. This will help keep your home or office feeling fresh and new, without having to purchase new items.


Stress reduction - According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic stress can “wreak havoc on your mind and body.” Cluttered homes and offices can increase cortisol levels, the hormone that causes stress. By reducing the clutter in your home or office, you can lower your stress levels. Lower stress levels can lead to a positive mentality and increases productivity levels.


Increase productivity - Want to accomplish more at home or in the office? When you store your personal items in a secure self-storage unit, it makes navigating your space more efficient. As you add items to your storage unit, you'll quickly see that your home or office space is more organised. When you are organised, you'll be able to quickly and efficiently find and locate your personal items. This will help free up your time to complete other important tasks.


Choose a Self-Storage Unit to Fit Your Needs

After you have decided what items you want to keep, it’s time to choose the type of self-storage you need based on your needs. A climate controlled storage unit provides a secure and safe environment to protect your assets from damage. Most common items will be well-protected in a temperature controlled unit, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and more.


Getting more organised is a positive step which can spill over into other areas of your life. Ready to make 2018 a clutter-free year? The storage experts at More Space are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our secure, temperature controlled storage facility.



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