The Gift of Self Storage

19 Feb 2019

Are you looking to gift something outside of the box? self-storage units are perfect for anyone who needs a little extra space. Read more.

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5 Signs You Need More Storage

22 Jul 2018

If your cluttered home is making you tired, stressed, and less productive, it might be time to rent a self-storage unit. Morespace explains why! Read more.

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10 Signs You Need a Self Storage Unit

08 Apr 2018

Are you considering renting a personal storage unit but aren't sure if you need one? If you're still on the cusp, here are a few more signs you're in desperate need of a personal storage unit.

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Top Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

25 Feb 2018

If you're tired of tripping over unused items and want to maximize your home or office space, then it’s time to consider renting a self-storage unit. Here are the top reasons people are turning to self-storage units for their home and office spaces.

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What NOT to put into your Self Storage unit.

04 Apr 2016

Although from the outside the topic of ‘self-storage’ may seem pretty dry – big cold rooms filled with furniture and the odd stock room – we’ve come across some weird and wonderful things behind our yellow doors.

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