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Show Your Electronics Some Love - Storage for Your Devices

Show Your Electronics Some Love - Storage for Your Devices

Today’s new technology creates the outdated gadgets of tomorrow. With rapid and constant advancements in technology, new features are developed for your favorite smart devices every year. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, television, tablet, or sounds system - next year’s model will offer new and exciting upgrades.


No need to clutter your space with outdated devices! If you want to store your devices for future use yard or to start a collection of soon-to-be vintage devices, Morespace has you covered.


Here are a few tips for safely storing your devices in your self-storage unit.


Avoid Storing Electronics in the Garage

Electronic devices are susceptible to heat and humidity. If you store your electronics in the garage, you risk damaging your devices. Aside from extreme temperatures and humidity, storing your smart devices in the garage exposes them to dust, debris, and potential pests.


Not to mention, you’ll be taking up valuable space in your garage that should be reserved for your vehicles, outdoor lawn equipment, and recreational equiptment (i.e. lawn mowers and bicycles). It’s best to store these items in a stable, temperature controlled location for maximum protection against damage.


Invest in a Self-Storage Unit

Although you could store your electronics in the closet or a spare room, this only leads to unwanted clutter. Essentially, if you’re not using an outdated device, they’ll just collect year after year and take up space


Investing in a self-storage unit frees up space and provide you with a secure location to store your devices until you need them. Whether you want to use the item at a later date, sell it down the road, or want to hold onto your devices indefinitely, a self-storage unit allows you to upgrade every year without taking up space in your home, garage, or office.


Select a Climate Controlled Unit

Fluctuations in the temperature can wreak havoc on electronic devices. For example, extreme heat may damage internal parts, such as circuit boards. Climate control maintains the interior temperature and protects your electronics regardless of the season.


Typical self-storage units are adequate for many different items. However, temperature controlled storage is highly recommended and necessary for heat sensitive items, such as electronics, paperwork, antiques, and art. Climate controlled units maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire year. Additionally, self-storage units even offer humidity control.


Use the Right Packing Material

When you are storing your electronic devices, you want to make sure you are packing them correctly. The idea is to avoid heat, moisture, and harmful debris (such as dust and dirt).


Never store electronic devices in plastic bags or tarps. These items collect moisture, so you should always avoid wrapping electronic devices in the plastics of any kind. Whether storing your items at home or in your self-storage unit, consider covering your electronics with a cotton sheet. This will help to protect against dust without blocking the airflow. You can also use covers designed specifically for electronics to maintain the airflow and protect everything from dirt and debris.


Do You Need More Space?

At Morespace, we provide modern storage facilities centrally located in Dubai. Our affordable units are secure, temperature controlled, dust free, and pest controlled. Whether you need a storage unit for a few months or for long-term storage, we've got you covered. Contact a member of our team to learn more. We look forward to helping you organize your life.



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