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Ian Stewart, UAE resident for 6 years

"We’ve lived internationally for the last 15 years and used many different storage companies from the UK to Australia. Morespace is the first (and only) storage company we have found in Dubai that puts the customer first, has state of the art facilities, 24/7 access, a great range of storage units and of course great prices! We thoroughly recommend Morespace."

Niloo Soltanpour, Pilates instructor, Dubai

"Purpose built storage units in a convenient location with competitive prices. They welcome you with open faces and give you the best solution. Very happy with the service I received. Thank you Morespace!"

Matt Terrey, Freelance Photographer, Dubai

"Morespace Self Storage is by far the cleanest, most organised and easily accessible storage facility I’ve seen and used in Dubai and the team are great to deal with and communicate well."

Kevin Yates, Dubai resident

"After viewing other storage facilities we found the Self-contained units at Morespace, modern, secure and very clean. The service provided was extremely professional and helpful."

Sharmila Mohnani, Malta & UK resident

"My experience with 'Morespace' management was extremely comfortable, friendly and helpful and trustworthy. The units are extremely clean and well kept. Extremely happy with their service"

Sherif Ebied, Dubai resident and business owner.

"I was searching for a warehouse/storage room in Dubai, it was all not clean with a bad maintenance. Then i was shocked when i saw Morespace, comparing to other places, and before negotiating with the management team I told them that we definitely have a deal here. The place is very clean, variety of different spaces which is suitable for all kinds of storage, the management team is very professional and friendly. And price wise, they are much better comparing to the other warehouses."

Capt. Jason Pereira from iPilot Dubai

"I came across through a web search on google and its came as a God Sent as I was in a desperate situation to find storage for sensitive equipment belonging to my company and had to find it fast! Most companies promise so much and deliver so little some of them don't even bother calling you back, but from the very first phone call I made to Morespace it has been nothing but convenience and a pleasure working with them! The people who work there are super friendly professional and approachable, the prices are more than reasonable considering they're warehouse is a secured and well laid out with all the necessary requirements such as security cameras, fire protection and proper ventilation, its maintained well and kept clean. Signing up was easy and quick and everything I needed was literally a one-stop-shop as they helped me with transportation, manpower and everything I needed. I'm more than pleased with the service I've gotten from them so far and don't see any reason why I wont be dealing with them long term!"


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